Call For Papers

We invite submissions of high quality papers describing fully developed results or on-going foundational and applied work on the following topics:

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Emerging Technologies and Disruptive Innovations

Trends shaping the future of e-education and e-business
Industry 4.0 and its impact on education and business
Smart cities and digital transformation
Quantum computing and its potential applications
Bioinformatics and its role in e-technology
Next-generation internet technologies

E-Education Innovations and Technologies

Online learning platforms
Virtual classrooms and immersive learning environments
Adaptive learning systems
Mobile learning applications
Gamification in education
Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in education

E-Technology Trends and Applications

Internet of Things (IoT) and its applications
Cloud computing and its impact on businesses and education
Big data analytics and business intelligence
Cybersecurity challenges and solutions
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business and education
Wearable technology and its implications

E-Business Strategies and Models

E-commerce platforms and marketplaces
Digital marketing and advertising
Social commerce and influencer marketing
Supply chain management in the digital age
Data-driven decision making in e-business
Blockchain applications in e-business

E-Learning Pedagogy and Instructional Design

Pedagogical strategies for online learning
Personalized learning experiences
Assessment and evaluation methods in e-learning
Learning analytics and educational data mining
Collaborative learning in virtual environments
Accessibility and inclusivity in e-learning

E-Technology in Healthcare and Medicine

Telemedicine and remote patient monitoring
Health informatics and electronic health records
Medical imaging technologies and analysis
Wearable health devices and mobile health applications
Healthcare data privacy and security
Artificial intelligence and machine learning in medical diagnosis and treatment